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Graffiti were formed during September 1995 with the main aim of appealing to a wide audience by performing carefully chosen songs from a wide mix of popular and quality artists such as Stevie Wonder, Fleetwood Mac, Bruno Mars, The Police, Lionel Richie, Bruce Springsteen, Amy Winehouse, U2 and many, many more. Some 20+ years later, due to their increasing popularity it is clear that Graffiti achieved their original goal as they are still enjoying performing as much today as they did when they first started out. Over the years, Graffiti have built up a loyal following around the South Wales area in addition to performing in many other parts of the UK. 


Although the band originally built up a name for themselves on the local pub entertainment scene, it wasn't long before Graffiti were identified as being a perfect ‘party band’ and as a result they have played at hundreds of different occasions such as Weddings, Birthdays, Festivals, Summer Balls, Christmas Light Switch-ons  and Corporate events.

So, if you are looking to book a dynamic well established covers band that play classic Pop & Rock music from 70’s right through the decades to current chart material, then look no further! Graffiti (Alun, Peter, Justin & Darrell) have a passion to make every night not just a good night, but a great night! Four guys that have the experience to cater for all occasions and also offer the added facility of incorporating a disco as a ‘full package’ option if required. Graffiti are fiercely proud of the excellent reputation that they have gained for providing a professional and reliable service to their clients.

ALUN - Lead Guitar & Vocals


I started playing the guitar before I started High School (and that was a long time ago!).  My first guitar was a cheap nylon string Spanish guitar which soon became the ‘victim’ of my endless hours of strumming.

It wasn’t long before a passion for playing had set in and I was soon saving up all of my pocket money to buy an electric guitar and amp to enable me to transform my parent’s front room into my personal rehearsal studio where I could play along to my vinyl records (no CD’s or i-Pods back in those days!) at rock concert volume!

A year before I left High School I had already joined my first band (Myfanwy) and had started to ‘cut my teeth’ on the live circuit by doing the usual Social Clubs around the South Wales area.  This lasted for about three years with the band changing their name to Mr Sad Eye and finally to Heartrocker before the band decided to call it a day.

I was hooked on live music and it wasn’t long before I was back in another band.  A few ex-school mates knocked my door out of the blue one day as they were seeking a guitarist/vocalist.  After a few rehearsals Cardiff Rock band Warrior was born and we were soon on the pub and club circuit playing mainly rock covers to denim clad followers.  Stuff like Status Quo, Cream, Bad Company, AC/DC and a few original numbers were the order of the day until such time that we decided that we needed to move away from the rock stuff and to become more diverse in our approach.  With a band name change to Razzam, we became ‘local legends’ for 10 years and gained a healthy following on the local circuit playing a wide range of pop & rock covers. 


All good things come to an end and in 1992 Razzam members decided to go their separate ways.


Itchy feet soon got the better of me and I was soon on the lookout for another band and it wasn’t long before I answered an advert seeking a guitarist/vocalist.  Following a three song audition I was offered the job in newly formed Cardiff band Cartel who were to become relatively successful on the local circuit playing a blend of pop, rock and dance covers mixed in with some original tunes.  Within two years the band had run its course and another musical chapter of my life was closed.


I had now decided that it was time to take the ‘big step’ of putting my own band together so in the summer of 1995 I started to post wanted adverts seeking drums, bass and guitar/keyboards.  By the end of September, Graffiti was ‘born’ and following a 3 month intense song selection and rehearsal process, the band hit the live music scene with a vengeance and the rest as they say, is ‘history’.

PETER - Bass & Backing Vocals


Hi all. My name is Peter (Spender to my friends), bass player and backing vocalist with Graffiti

I have been playing bass since 1987. In the early 90's I studied at London's Basstech.


Previous bands I have played with include Branded, Doobie Wah, As It Is and Better By Desire.


My main musical influences range from Disco and Pop through to Acid Jazz - anything with a good groove.


My bass playing heroes are Bernard Edwards (Chic), John Taylor (Duran Duran) and Stuart Zender (Jamiroquai).


I use Warwick and Kubiki basses and TC Electronic amplification.


For me, the art of good bass playing is to play with feel !

DARRELL - Keyboards & Backing Vocals


Hi, I'm Darrell and I am the keyboard player with Graffiti.


I have always had a passion for music, and it seemed a great idea to try and teach myself how.  


During the early 80's I decided to join my local brass band where I tried out the trumpet. This was a great experience as it introduced me to the world of music!


After spending a few years, I decided brass wasn't really for me, and I dabbled with the guitar for a few years. I’m certainly no Jimi Hendrix but I can hold a few chords together. Then, during the late 80's I found my love for keyboards, organ and piano where I really found my niche!


At 14, I joined my first 60’s band, “Tobacco Road" amongst other names used over the years. This introduced me to the pubs and clubs of South Wales where I was with a great bunch of muso's that really educated me in the right way! This lasted for a number of years where I enjoyed the delights of the M4 corridor.


A number of years later, I was part of a duo named "Secret Dreams" and later "Millennium", where I spent the majority of my musical career playing and entertaining at some great venues and working with some fantastic people.


For a brief period in the mid 90's I joined another band before returning to the duo and hitting the pubs and clubs again!


A number of years ago, I joined Neath based band, "Rider" who were a lot more rock music orientated, which added another dimension to my experience over the years.


At the beginning of October 2014, I joined Graffiti who, at the time, were looking for a new keys player and the rest as they say is history!


I have many musical influences including Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Jools Holland and David Paich (Toto). I have a passion for many playing styles including the 80's, Dance, Soul, Blues, Rock - as long as it makes sense and there is a funky groove that does it for me!


For any ‘Gear Geeks’ that may be reading this I have used a wide selection of equipment over the years including the infamous Korg M1, Alesis and Yamaha boards, but here’s my current set up that I have had for many years:-


Roland XP80 keyboard
Korg TRINITY keyboard
Korg M1R rack module
Korg Triton rack module


All of these are then controlled via midi patches that are set up and controlled via my iPad so all my sounds and controls change across all my instruments at the touch of a button - which saves time between songs - Keyboard players paradise!


Well, that's enough about me for now. If you come along to see Graffiti, be sure to come and say hello.   I’m always happy to have a chat and speak to anyone!

JUSTIN - Drums


Hi I’m Justin and I play drums with Graffiti and here is a little bit about myself. 

In the beginning....

Having been born in Stourbridge in the West Midlands back in the 70’s, I became hooked on music from an early age. Brought up on a healthy diet of Led Zeppelin, Wishbone Ash and Showaddywaddy, I soon realised that the drums were for me.  


School years...

From the first rock band, QD, playing lunchtime concerts in school to gigs in local church halls, my musical experiences started to take shape! Mr Hipkiss managed to whet my appetite for music in GCSE music classes, and my cousin Nathan and best friend David Thompson helped to encourage my passion for all things rock n roll related!

Whilst playing double bass in the Dudley Schools Symphony Orchestra (DSSO), the Dudley Schools Wind Band and the Intermediate Orchestra, my enthusiasm for drums and percussion began to grow. With various concerts in Dudley Town Hall and around the Midlands, my eyes were always on the percussion section. 


College years...

King Edwards VI College in Stourbridge was a hotbed of musical activity, and I performed in everything from the Orchestra, the Choir and the DSSO. Notable gigs included Birmingham Town Hall (Choir), Queen Elizabeth Hall in London (King Edwards VI Orchestra) to The Albert Hall (King Edwards VI Orchestra) for the School Proms. The most notable tour was to Boston and New York with the DSSO, where our claim to fame was playing for Governor Dukakis at the Boston State House. 



Drumming started to take a priority and I played in Irish bands in the University of Glamorgan, followed by the KC Groovers based at The Welsh College of Music and Drama.

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